Ecole David-Régnier--Paul-Fort de Verrières-le-Buisson (Essonne)

An English-speaking day : one day in London

On Thursday the 9th of Mai, at 8.30, 270 pupils boarded on a plane for London,to spend an entire day in an English school.

Checking-in zone and going through the customs,

Greeting the passengers in the plane and the pilote welcomes the passengers

The safety rules are clearly explained.

Ready for departure : the plane is taking off

Welcome at the English school : a possible choice of 18 different workshops in English.

A last dance in the London school yard.

Many thanks to the accompanying parents,the members of the crew,the Customs officers, the canteen staff,the restaurant services of Verrières'council and to the teachers who organised this linguistic trip.

Un grand merci également au comité de jumelage de Verrières-le-Buisson pour son aide précieuse.

Année 2017-2018

An English-speaking day : one day in New-York

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